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  • To use plagiarism checker, enter Text in the input box (or upload file)
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  • Click on "Check plagiarism" button. 

Plagiarism Checker Free

With this plagiarism checker, you can check your content against billions of online sources to get an exact duplication percentage.

Our online plagiarism checker gives you a sentence-wise plagiarism report so that you can easily find and remove the duplicated parts of your text.

Using our plagiarism checking tool is quick and simple, and you can get your results in a matter of seconds.

How to Check Plagiarism Using This Tool?

You can check for plagiarism with this tool in three simple steps:

  • Enter or copy-paste your text in the input box
  • You can also upload a file from your local storage
  • Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button

Note: Supported file types for uploading are .doc, .docx and .pdf

Why Should You Use Our Plagiarism Detector?

Here are some features that you can enjoy with our plagiarism-checking tool:

1. Sentence-wise Reports

Our plagiarism checker gives a sentence-wise plagiarism report of the entered content. The parts highlighted in red show the duplicated parts.

2. Exact Sources and Plagiarism Percentage

By scrolling down, you can also see the URLs of the exact sources as well as the percentage of plagiarism from each one. You can visit the websites by clicking on their URLs.

3. Compare with Other Online Sources

Our tool also lets you run a Google search for each sentence in the given content. You can simply press the ‘Compare’ button to trigger the query.

You will be able to see the search results in which the specific sentence has a complete or partial match.

4. Exact Word Count

After you bring your content to the input field, you will be able to see the exact word count in the box at the top right corner.

5. Upload Files from System Storage

Our plagiarism checker lets you upload your files and documents directly from your device’s storage.


Uses of Our Plagiarism Detector

  • For Checking Plagiarism in Assignments and Essays
    This plagiarism checker for students can be used to find plagiarism in academic content such as assignments, research papers, theses, and essays.

  • For Reverse-Searching Original Sources
    If you need to find the original source of any content, you can enter it in our tool and find the exact URL from the given report.

  • For Checking Plagiarism in Online Content
    Our online plagiarism checker is also good for bloggers and webmasters. You can use it to find plagiarism in online articles and blog posts before publishing them on your site.

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