Demystifying Summary Generators: How They Work & Why You Need One

Demystifying Summary Generators: How They Work & Why You Need One

As evident from their name, Summary Generators create summaries of lengthy texts. These online tools take large texts as input and condense them into small, digestible paragraphs or bullet points.

But how does this magical process take place? How can extensive texts be cut down to such short pieces of information? Also, why do we need this process to happen in the first place? All these questions are addressed in this article.

In this write-up, we will discuss the functioning of summary generators and why we need them. So, if you don’t know what summary generators do or how they could be helpful to you, stay tuned because this article will be really helpful for you. 

How Do Summary Generators Work?

We can not generalize the functioning of all the summary generators as the same. Various tools work using various techniques. For example, some of the traditional summary generators just extract a few lines from the original text and compile them together. This form of extractive summarization might not be as accurate, but it works in most cases.

Here, we will focus on the latest forms of summarization techniques which involve Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. This is because all the newer tools are using these forms of technologies for more efficient summaries.

Ai-Powered Summarization

A rough overview of AI summarizers is given below:

  • With the help of advanced algorithms and natural language processing, the summarizing tool analyzes the input text and understands its meaning.
  • NLP allows the tool to understand the contextual meaning of the sentences. This helps the tool to single out the most vital sentences of the text.
  • Once the important sentences are separated, the tool compiles them together.
  • After that, the tool paraphrases the results to make them more coherent and readable for the user.

In this way, a summary generator creates the summary of long texts.

Why Do You Need a Summary Generator?

Summary Generators work in a very interesting way, and we have gotten a vague idea of that. However, why do we need to use these summarizers? In this section, we have made a list of reasons why one should use these tools. In other words, this list shows the benefits of using summary tools.

1. For Education

Summary generators can be widely implemented in education. Students can use these tools to reduce their workload. For example, if there are multiple lengthy readings that they have to do for an exam, they can summarize them and make notes. Of course, this won’t work for courses where students have to memorize things word for word, but other than that, this is a pretty useful technique.

On a side note, summaries can also help one understand a topic better than lengthy paragraphs. There is research that shows the benefits of summaries as compared to restudying.

2. For Business

Businesses can also implement summary generators to save time when analyzing business reports. Because of some businesses’ tough schedules, it is not feasible for them to go through all the reports thoroughly. That’s why they can use summary generators to create summaries and analyze them instead. 

3. For Writing Newspapers

In the modern global village, there is a multitude of events happening every day. A newspaper’s job is to relay as many of these events to its readers. However, it cannot be done if everything is discussed in detail. Therefore, summary generators can be implemented here. Long reports of multiple events can be shortened and published in newspapers. This saves much time.

4. For Reading

Information is abundantly available these days because of the internet. To stay up-to-date, one has to consume large piles of information. However, that is not practically possible. However, information consumption can be maximized if multiple summaries are generated and read. Summarizers are helpful in this regard.

Many other uses of summaries are also present, but these were the main ones. We hope you get an idea of why summarizers are important tools now.

How to Use a Summary Generator

You might be wondering how to use a summary generator after knowing all of the above information. So, we will provide a brief overview of the process.

  1. First, find an online summary generator.

  2. Insert the original text into the tool using the relevant input options.

  3. Select the mode of summarizing that you want to implement. (AI Summarizing, Non-AI Summarizing, etc.)

  4. Then, select the optimization options provided by the tool. These could be summary length selectors, summary types, and more.

  5. After that, click on the action button. It should be labeled as ‘Summarize.’

  6. This will begin the process. After a few seconds, you will see your results. These results can either be copied or downloaded as a file.

Yes, it is as simple as that. Using the above procedure, you can generate summaries of any write-up that you want.

FAQs About Summarizers

Before concluding the post, let us discuss some common concerns of the users regarding online summary-generating tools.

1. What Is The Best Free AI To Summarize Text?

There are multiple AI summarizing tools on the internet. One that stands out because of its free availability and the multitude of features is the Summarizing Tool.

2. Can Chat GPT Summarize Articles?

 Yes, Chat GPT can summarize articles quite efficiently. However, you have to give it a proper prompt to do so. You can instead use an AI-enabled summarizing tool.

3. Are Online Summary Generators Safe To Use?

Yes, summary generators are quite safe because they protect your data from the internet. However, just to be sure, you should read the policy page before using an online tool.


As we have understood, summarizing tools are not magical utilities but are, instead, AI-powered programs. Their high-end functionality makes them extremely useful. We have even looked at some of its use cases in the above article.

So, if you think you fit in any of the above-discussed use cases, you should use a summary generator. You can do so by following the method described above.