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Grammar Checker
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Grammar Checker

  • To use grammar checker, enter plain text, eassay or paragraphs in the input box and click on the "Check Grammar" button

English Grammar Corrector

Use this grammar checker to find and fix grammatical errors in your content.

To get started, you can simply upload a document, or paste the text into the given box.

Once the process is complete, the grammatical mistakes in your text will get highlighted in red.

How to Use This Grammar Corrector?

You can use our punctuation checker by following these steps:

  • Type or copy-paste your text in the given box.
  • Or, you can upload a document directly from your local storage.
  • Click on the ‘Check Grammar’ button to start the process.
  • Click on the red highlighted words and phrases in the results to see the correct suggestions. You can also click on the suggestions to apply them to the text.

Note: You can upload files in the .doc, .docx, and .pdf formats.

Why Should You Choose Our Grammar Checker Online?

Here are some features that you can enjoy with our punctuation checker:

1. Click Highlighted Parts to See and Apply Suggestions

Once the checking process is complete, you can click on the highlighted words/phrases/ sentences to see the correct suggestions.

You can click on the suggestions to apply them directly to the text. After being added, the new words will be highlighted in yellow.

If you want to, you can revert the changed words/phrases to their original form by clicking on them and making a selection in the 'Revert With' menu.

2. Use the ‘Edit Text’ button to Edit the Uploaded Content

If you want to edit your uploaded text, you can click on the ‘Edit Text’ button at the side of the results.

You will instantly be taken to the top of the website page where you can make your adjustments in the input box.

3. Copy the Results Instantly to Your Clipboard

You can click on the ‘Copy Text’ button to copy the changed text to your clipboard.

4. Click the ‘Start Over’ Button to Check Grammar Again

To use our punctuation checker for another piece of text, you can reload the page by clicking on the ‘Start Over’ button at the side of the output box.

5. Save the File to Your Device Using the ‘Download’ Button

To save your edited file on your device, you can click on the ‘Download’ button next to the results. The file will be downloaded in the ‘.docx’ format.

6. Multiple Importing Options

You can use multiple importing options to upload your content to this grammar checking tool. These include:

  • Direct typing or copy-pasting
  • Uploading files from local storage

Uses of Our Punctuation Checker

  1. Making Blog Posts and Articles Free from Grammatical Errors
    This grammar corrector can be helpful for bloggers and online content creators to make their content free of grammar errors before uploading/publishing it on their sites.

  2. Useful for Students to Check Assignments and Research Papers
    This tool can also be used by students to find and fix grammatical mistakes in their assignments, research papers, and essays.

  3. Added Help for Your Proofreading Sessions
    You can use our punctuation checker to get help during your proofreading sessions. The tool can help you spot errors that you may have missed.
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